I'm Sam, a wedding photographer based out of the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. I've been capturing love stories for over 4 years and It's been the greatest adventure to work with so many incredible couples.

Though I'm a photographer, my aim isn't just to show up with a camera and take whats in my opinion a "good photo". Because I want this to be so much more for you, I want to capture your favorite memories in a way that is special and meaningful. The tear that rolls down his cheek when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day, the tight hugs, the laughter, the loud moments and the quiet ones. These are the moments I’m after, the moments that take you back, moments that are real, and last forever. Tell me what excites you the most, where your passions lie, even your good sides haha because I know everyone has one. And I will use that to create meaningful photographs for you that will last a lifetime!